!! Please note: all prices quoted include 21% VAT. 

Benefit from a reduced VAT rate on pellet stoves, wood stoves and insert stoves:
Placing a stove is counted under renovation work on your home. The government of Belgium charges 6% VAT (instead of 21%) for these works. This reduced VAT rate applies not only to labor and materials for the installation, but also to the stove itself. Provided that you purchase the heater together with the installation work.

Conditions 6% VAT 
As can be read on the website of the government, this tax-beneficial measure applies to renovation and repair work of a private home, provided that: 
1 / It is used exclusively as a private residence (or only an ancillary part of it serves to practice your profession)
2 / It was first used at least 10 years ago
3 / The installation is invoiced directly to the end user (owner or tenant)
4 / More info on the "FOD Financiën" website. (only available in dutch or french !)